Validation report:

You submitted message 6a42f493-2b83-11ee-aa2a-021c83ce3c20
which was validated against SHACL for Announce-Review AS2 COAR-Notify Shape
Validation Report
Conforms: False
Results (5):
Constraint Violation in MinCountConstraintComponent (
	Severity: sh:Violation
	Source Shape: [ sh:minCount Literal(1, datatype=xsd:integer) ; sh:path [ sh:inversePath rdf:type ] ]
	Focus Node: sorg:Review
	Result Path: [ sh:inversePath rdf:type ]
	Message: Less than 1 values on sorg:Review-[ sh:inversePath rdf:type ]
Constraint Violation in HasValueConstraintComponent (
	Severity: sh:Violation
	Source Shape: [ sh:hasValue as:Service ; sh:message Literal(Target must be of type AS2 Service) ; sh:path rdf:type ]
	Focus Node: Validation Report